hymn + them


hymn+them is a multimedia reflection of Dorothy's famous journey to OZ, using the iconic heroine as a lens to investigate the identity of today’s American woman: her desire to escape, her desire to belong, her desire for more than what’s presented to her.

Herself born and raised in Kansas, choreographer Leslie Scott is familiar with Oz-ian tropes and uses Wizard of Oz, Dorothy, and Judy Garland herself to investigate romanticized idealism manifested from media and pop culture.

LDY_5375 (1).jpg

Immediately pulling us into Oz, the audience is individually escorted into a space covered in astroturf and littered with poppies. Lit by peppered house lamps, it’s a contained collision of living room nostalgia and surreal dreamlands.

Part autobiography, part fantasy, Scott’s movement collages both rearrange reality and deconstruct nostalgia, to not only reflect Dorothy’s identity as a Midwestern woman, but also find contrast and similarities to identities elsewhere.