BODYART works closely with organizations, schools, and communities to customize programs to suit their needs offering a diverse option of master classes, residencies, lecture/demonstrations and choreographic workshops, most often in conjunction with performances.


The decay project

The Decay Project is a series of movement-based short films born out of broken down and/or decayed spaces in our everyday landscape. From natural disasters to spaces left in ruin by years of neglect, The Decay Project finds beauty in unexpected places through collaborations with local artists. Rather than focusing on the issues that caused these stages of decay, it is the project’s goal to focus on beauty through rebuilding, sustaining or reflecting. In today’s social climate beauty tends to have rigid constraints and this project seeks to shine a new light on unconventional beauty in both the space and the performers.

Each of the five dance films in this project will start with a residency between NYC based BODYART and local movement artists, composers, musicians and videographer(s). For each of the films it is BODYART’s goal to work with residents in the area close to the filming venue. Drawing on local experiences, these films will be a culmination of a creative collaboration, leaving everyone in the creative team as much an author of the story as the next. With so much history embedded in the skeletons of many of these locations, The Decay Project seeks to bring new generation of audiences to these striking spaces.


BODYART launched PILLAR, a community arts educational program in 2008. Its interdisciplinary approach is designed for all ages and ability levels and is ideal for families and under-served youth.

Participants use their personal stories through images, music and movement as a base for creating performances for the community. As BODYART regularly collaborates with artists from several different disciplines, PILLAR takes the same approach by using Dance, Theatre, Music and Visual artists to lead PILLAR’s workshops and create per- sonalized performances. This is an opportunity for individuals to creatively open up in a safe and supportive environment.

The PILLAR program can be done in one day or week-long residencies and is also available for longer term options. The program launched at the Rosemont Elementary School in Dallas Texas September 2008 to great success, and expanded to Baton Rouge, LA and Harlem, NY in early 2009.

The goals of the program are to reach out to people who do not readily have access to arts based activities, and strengthening community and family ties. By taking time to understand the situations of those around themselves participants will gain a greater tolerance and appreciation for others and themselves.